Business Strategy

Growth of production volumes and market shares

  • Becoming one of top-ten residential developer in Russia†
  • Focus on selected regions of Russia with positive macro dynamics, housing undersupply and limited number of competitors †
  • Becoming a top-five player by market share in each region of presence†
  • Sustaining continual and growing volumes of annual commissioning and sales†

Product and service development

  • Focus on poured concrete construction technology and improvement of product qualities †
  • Maintaining the focus on comfort-plus and middle housing segments due to the greatest levels of market demand†
  • In-house general contractor and sales expertise in each region of presence with the aim of maintaining strong brand reputation, meeting construction deadlines, achieving lucrative price-quality ratios and high service quality

Operational efficiency increase

  • Constant costs control and exploration of cost saving opportunities† †
  • Improvement and automatization of business processes and reporting†
  • Complete business transparency for both business partners and employees †
  • Safeguarding of a highly professional team with a longer-term motivation†

Capital return and liquidity growth

  • Focus on organic growth combined with high target IRR of each project† †
  • Conservative leverage policy †
  • Balancing capital growth with annual dividend strategies†